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Books & Articles


Billy McKenzie, A Story of Love

   Billy McKenzie, A Story of Love is a tale of love and intrigue, with strong, sympathetic, believable characters. It draws a vivid picture of late Victorian London and the city's revolutionary circles and will appeal to lovers of literary and historical fiction alike. Please address editorial inquiries to the Philip G. Spitzer Literary Agency here.


The Contractor

   "A truly compelling contemporary spy thriller." Booklist


Morning Spy, Evening Spy

  "[A] richly drawn, splendidly written novel of character....If you're a thriller reader, snatch this one up. It's the best of the year, by far." St. Louis Post-Dispatch


Finding Hoseyn

   "... moves with an unusually sure hand. It helps that the author, an American journalist who has worked in Iran, is writing about something of which he has had personal experience. Mr. MacKinnon clearly has a decent acquaintance with the spy novels of John le Carre and has even looked back to such masterpieces as Eric Ambler's 'Coffin for Dimitrios.' But he remains very much his own man and has written a most satisfactory thriller." New York Times


History of Cryptology